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Welcome to NerVeZs Smp

Would you like to join an Minecraft Origins server? Well do I have the server for you. We are the third most popular origins server and are always excepting new members.

The Mods: In NerVeZs Smp we have Origins of course, but not only the original nine origins for the mods, we have about 40 origins that you can pick from. We have our other mods is BYG (A mod adding more biomes), Inmis (A backpack mod) , and gates of Babylon (A mod adding more tools and weapons).

Whitelisting: Here at NerVeZs Smp we are always accepting new members. Just before asking to be whitelisted go ahead and read the smp rules and info, after you do that tell me or a mod and that you have done so and we will whitelist you after asking you to tell us some of the rules/info.

 Community: We have a chill community and I am always open to suggestions for the discord server or Minecraft server. There is a pateron you can donate 5-15$ and it will all go to the server to have less lag.

Anyway here is the link to the discord.

I hope you have fun!

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/FktCEYrAfF

Video on the server

Also consider liking the video or/and subscribing, it helps out a great amount.

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not candy
01/23/2023 11:20
rip kinky kingdom
04/07/2022 23:14
hey i think the discord link is expired
Ceo of sex
01/29/2022 21:42
Hahaha your demd
12/22/2021 22:59
discord link dont work
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